Community Projects

The Dexter Garden Club has a background of participation in our neighborhood, carrying out gardening related services and initiatives to elevate our community. These actions have incorporated gardening at libraries, working at the site, donating spring bulbs for sowing in public spaces, designing and developing the new Dexter garden, and more.

On April 12, 2015, a group of our volunteers, led by Connie Dawson, sowed and mulched the tree boxes on the upper plaza of Southern Market and in front of our club. It wasn’t the warmest day, but fortunately the sun was out. Darcy Stewart, Manager of Southern Market, and Connie laid out eleven sacks of mulch.

The volunteers, Caroline Criga, Emily Petersen, Jennifer O’Connor, Olga Megan Park, Kristen Griff, Allie Brown, Susan Valenti, Noel Marchand, Alan Marianto, and Randy Kelly, arrived at 9 AM and successfully finished the project in two hours. This venture started back in 2013 when the newly formed Community Projects Committee answered to a request from Southern Market to mulch the tree boxes on the club area in relationship with the spring Bulb Sale. Everyone who participated in our three year work can feel good about their share to the adornment of Southern Market.

Every March, our club does a demonstration to all second graders in the Williamsport Public Schools. The students have by now carried out a couple of practices on soil with their teachers. We involve the basics of seeds, how to plant them and the relevance of soil and water, and then promote them to grow some seeds through the spring. The teachers are assigned directives for seed packets which the club actually gives away for free.

In early October, the students show what they have developed to the Growing Fair. Club members are present to give each student a Green Club award certificate for taking part and a lace for each student. All the items are arranged on tables at the school entry and left on show so everyone can see them. Get involved, join us!

Get involved in setting up your own aquarium!