Program Schedule:
Our public events will be posted here.

Our sessions are created to inspire and support garden centres and enthusiasts by tapping into catering best practice from both inside and outside the industry.

2015 – 2016 Schedule

9/11 Horte Arboristics
Lunch in one of the Denver Horte’s stunning restaurant rooms, following a guided tram ride. The evening consists of dinner, a board of discussion and a debate on the Horte’s sustainability.

11/9 25th Anniversary Celebrationfg
Members will reminisc thoughts with the club through the years as well as some specific knowledge and abilities. Everyone’s sharing.

12/12 Winter Florals
Hugh Webber, owner of Webber Gardens and manager in Floral Odyssey, will discuss ideas for holiday preparations and decoration.

1/7 Physique Smart Gardening
Lana McNeill, Leading Gardener, with the Colorado Extension, will talk about ideas on how to be safe and sound when working in our gardens. Jan’s handy ideas are given with her well known sense of wit.

2/19 Bringing Your Summer Garden Indoors
Danny Winter, who owns a garden design business, will train us how to make our homes look and feel like summer by taking features of the garden in the house. Danny will come up with a number of preparations that we will give away at the end of the gathering. Wear your finest garden party attire to this meeting.

3/18 Creation of Mini-Gardens and Terrariums
Gregory Heaton of The Hill’s Peak will deliver gardening into our households by educating us to create and raise terrariums. Plan on being impressed.

4/15 Raising Your First Orchid Correctly
Alex Kaminsky, owner of Anything Orchids, will talk to us about growing orchids in our homes. Don brings numerous orchids with him, many of which are for sale.

5/14 Bees and Their Advantages in Sustaining Life
David Meany will talk about his know-how on honey bees, their significance and advantages in our lives and tactics to attract them into our gardens. Ask all of your bee related questions from him.

5/15 Sprouting a Love of Gardening
Gregory Heaton will help anyone with composting. Have not composted before? Be sure to join us on 15th! Breakout sessions will allow delegates to select the subjects that most appeal them for more in-depth conversation.